Sellafield Ltd Chief Information Security Officer shares Military Cyber Expertise

richard meal.jpeg

Richard Meal, CISO of Sellafield Ltd will be joining us in London on November 5/6th for the 3rd annual Aviation Cyber Security Summit.

A senior cyber and information security practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the field, Richard is currently employed as Chief Information Security Officer at Europe’s largest nuclear facility at Sellafield, a role he has undertaken since December 2013.  Richard’s areas of specialist experience include nuclear, government, cloud, communications, aviation, defence and energy industries.  Prior to taking up the role as Sellafield CISO, Richard had 8 years commercial consultancy underpinned by 20 years of service in the Royal Air Force as an officer specialising in security strategy, information security, security audit, investigation and law enforcement including counter-intelligence activities, both as a specialist staff officer and as an operational commander.  Richard was also a highly experienced CLAS Consultant and CESG (now NCSC) Certified Practitioner, he holds a MSc in Information Security and Computer Forensics along with other professional certifications.

Mr Meal will be discussing the SOC Journey, platform work at the RAF, PFI Programme, Concept & Design to Operations, Challenges of integrations, Challenges taking the platform into a military environment, Military perspective and Electronic Warfare convergence. Many examples will be presented.

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