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Aviation Cyber Security Summit London November 5th and 6th welcomes new speakers

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Cyber Senate 3rd edition
Protecting and Securing Digital Transformation


Copthorne Tara London Kensington United Kingdom
November 5/6 2019

Co-Sponsors SITA, Forescout Technologies, Unisys and Nozomi Networks
Sponsors Verve Industrial Protection, Exabeam

Presenters include:

  • Ray Secrest, Tampa International Airport, Senior Manager Information Security

  • Stephane Gomez, SITA, Cyber Security Lead

  • John Hird, Eurocontrol, ATM Security Specialist

  • Chris Kubecka, Hypasec, CEO

  • Ken Munro, Pen Test Partners, Partner

  • Ahmed Fawzi, SITA Cybersecurity, Global Head of Business Development

  • Bruce Jackson, Airinformatics, President and Managing Director

  • Chris Blask, Unisys, Global Director Industrial and IoT Security

  • Matthias Schaefer, SeRo Systems, Co-Founder and Board member of the OpenSky Network and a Lecturer in the Computer Science Department at TU Kaiserslautern, Managing Director SeRo Systems

  • Ravinder Singh, TATA SIA Airlines Limited, Chief Information and Innovation Officer

  • Nicole Keeley, Civil Aviation Authority, Head of Cyber Security Oversight

  • Ron Brash, Verve Industrial Protection, Director of Cyber Security Insights

  • Keith Turpin, Universal Weather and Aviation, Chief Information Security Officer, Head of Global Infrastructure Services

  • Robert Masse, Deloitte, Partner Risk Advisory

  • Grant Robertson, Edinburgh Airport Limited, IT Security Manager

  • Matt Shreeve, Helios, Director and Aviation Cyber Expert

  • Richard Meal, Sellafield Ltd, CISO

  • Tyler Knotts, United Airlines,Sr. Manager – Critical Systems Partnerships Security, Risk and Compliance

  • Peter Williams, Manchester Airport Group, CISO

  • Luca Barba, Forescout, Product Marketing Manager at Forescout OT

  • Stephen Williams, CANSO, Member of the CANSO (Europe) cybersecurity Task Force

  • Richard Cassidy, Exabeam, Sr Director Security Strategy

Sellafield Ltd Chief Information Security Officer shares Military Cyber Expertise

Sellafield Ltd Chief Information Security Officer shares Military Cyber Expertise

Richard Meal, Chief Information Security Officer, Sellafield Ltd, shares his journey and best practice with the Cyber Senate this November 5/6th. Richard’s areas of specialist experience include nuclear, government, cloud, communications, aviation, defence and energy industries.  Prior to taking up the role as Sellafield CISO, Richard had 8 years commercial consultancy underpinned by 20 years of service in the Royal Air Force as an officer specialising in security strategy, information security, security audit, investigation and law enforcement including counter-intelligence activities, both as a specialist staff officer and as an operational commander.



“Something strange has been going on in the friendly skies over the last day or so. Flights are being canceled. Aircraft are grounded. Passengers are understandably upset. The core of the issue is GPS and ADS-B systems. The ADS-B system depends on GPS data to function properly, but over this weekend a problem with the quality of the GPS data has disrupted normal ADS-B features on some planes, leading to the cancellations.” Read the full article by Hackaday here https://hackaday.com/2019/06/09/gps-and-ads-b-problems-cause-cancelled-flights/